Europe of the Youth

Last weekend young Greens from Finland and other European countries gathered together at our Europe of the Youth -event in Hämeenlinna. Greens are on the rise in many countries in the EU. Now it’s the time to deliver on social justice and environmental responsibility, to protect human rights and promote feminism on an European level. Elections are coming in a few weeks!

All the inspiring and empowering speeches from our keynote speakers and encounters with young greens from around Europe reminded once again about why this green movement is so unique and powerful. We are not in politics because we necessarily want to become politicians. We are activists that want to make a change and strive towards a common goal of climate and social justice, feminism and respect of human rights.

Politics is not only about superstar politicians gaining a lot of votes in elections. No world changing movement can rely on only a few famous people. A powerful movement needs a lot of people working towards a common goal. This weekend reminded us again about how many we are and how we can become even more. We are inviting everyone to join the movement for a brave and green Europe!


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